• S.T.I.R Business Connections

  • Chamber members are invited to join us for our 2021 S.T.I.R. business connection events. We look forward to seeing you when the Covid 19 pandemic subsides. Until then, stay safe!

    Socialize – Starting and growing business relationships is what these gatherings are all about. Combine that with great food and drinks at the end of the business day, at a location that is eager to share something new with you, and a group of friendly hometown business people. You'll get to know fellow business leaders and owners who want to know you as well. Meet and greet in a relaxed, social setting and learn more about each other.

    Talk - Sharing upcoming events, business specials, and new ideas is what makes businesses thrive and grow. Maybe you’ve been wearing all the hats at your business and you’ve found some ways to streamline your day. Share your story and make a difference for someone else, and be prepared to learn something new yourself! And besides, who says it has to be all about business? Sometimes putting a personal spin on an idea can break the ice!

    Interact – We’re a well-rounded Chamber, with gifted members from all walks of life. Do you tend to be outgoing? Find someone who may be new or unfamiliar with the group, and introduce yourself; then introduce them to someone you know. Sometimes all it takes is that ONE thing to make a real difference for someone else – and for you too!

    Remember – Follow up with just one business person that you met or an old friend you caught up with at STIR. One new business connection can translate into new business. Call them up or send an email – or better yet make plans to meet them for lunch – we’ve got some terrific restaurants in the neighborhood!

    The STIR; NOW we’re connecting businesses!

  • 2021 S.T.I.R. Schedule of Events 2021 S.T.I.R. Schedule of Events

    We will be announcing STIR Business Connections dates as soon as possible in 2021. We're waiting until after things become safer with the Covid 19 pandemic and we can all gather in groups again safely. We may schedule some mini-Zoom meetings that are specific to one business category. Let us know if you'd be interested. Thanks for your patience!



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