• Shelter Staff

  • Posted: 09/16/2020

    Job Title: Shelter Staff.  EMAIL RESUME: reach@reachofmaconcounty.org

    Reports To: Executive Director

    Work Schedule: Times and days will vary, but primary work hours would be nights and weekends.

    Training: 20-hr Crisis Counseling/Dynamics of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Training Offered by REACH of Macon County.

    Work Description:

    Provide direct client services including intakes, supportive counseling, accessing needs, information and referrals, goal setting, case management, and some transportation as needed

    Responsibilities also include:

    •    Day-to-day operations of the shelter

    •    overseeing MANNA and USDA foods

    •    completing record-keeping/paperwork

    •    Maintaining confidential paperwork and client files and data entry

    •    Coordination with other staff and community agencies

    •    other duties as assigned


    •Friendly and patient personality
    •Able to follow instructions
    •Neat & Efficient
    •Able to work independently
    •Computer/phone skills a plus
    •Human relations/social service skills a plus
    •Supportive and understanding of philosophy and mission of REACH of Macon County.

    The Mission of REACH of Macon County is to eradicate domestic violence and sexual assault in our community through prevention, intervention, and educational services.


    1.  empathize with others during counseling or related services

    2.  use teaching techniques

    3.  advise families with household problems

    4.  attend to or care for children

    5.  compile data related to social service programs

    6.  coordinate social service activities with resource providers

    7.  determine program eligibility

    8.  determine social service program status

    9.  manage detailed case records in a social work setting

    10.  motivate people

    11.  relate to clients' socioeconomic conditions

    12.  work with persons with mental disabilities or illnesses

    13.  maintain awareness of social trends

    14.  prepare reports

    15.  advise clients on financial matters

    16.  obtain financial information from individuals

    17.  advise clients or customers

    18.  communicate visually or verbally

    19.  fill out business or government forms

    20.  make presentations

    21.  obtain information from clients, customers, or patients

    22.  record client's personal data

    23.  use computers to enter, access or retrieve data

    24.  use interpersonal communication techniques

    25.  use interviewing procedures

    26.  teach correct eating habits

    27.  teach food or nutrition principles

    28.  explain rules, policies or regulations

    29.  use knowledge of food handling rules

    30.  provide information about facilities

    31.  demonstrate or explain assembly or use of equipment